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351st  Infantry Regiment


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The 351st Infantry Regiment was ordered to active service in July 1942 at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma as part of the 88th Infantry Division. Formed from selective service personnel it was sent to the Mediterranean Theater where it took part in three Italian Campaigns from February 1944 through May 1945. The 351st was the first all-draftee regiment to see combat in WWII, and the last unit to suffer combat fatalities in Italy.

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"At the completion of our combat operations we had advanced from Naples to within 70 miles of the Brenner Pass, covering approximately 585 miles of some of the most rugged terrain in Europe. During our 344 combat days, we had accounted for over 40,000 enemy casualties, and had destroyed great amounts of stores and equipment. Eighteen members of the Regiment received the Distinguished Service Cross, and there were 650 lesser awards for valor. Over two-thirds of the Regiment wore the Purple Heart."

--From Official Regimental History

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