These articles are from various collections, both private and public. They offer additional information and perspective to the history of the 351st.


Short article discussing the record setting march of the 351st during Louisiana Maneuvers. 

May 31, 1943

Several pictures of the 88th while at Camp Gruber.


Clipping of picture featuring Sloan, Kurtz, Kendall.

Short article about the 88th entering combat in Italy.

May 3, 1945

First edition printing of the announcement "Nazi Armies in Italy Surrender." Contains several articles related to the Italian front. The document print quality is more clear in some areas than others.

May 11, 1945

Article reproduced from the National Archives featuring the 351st crossing the Po. 

April 18, 1954

Critique of "A Soldier's Record" by Albert Kessselring, written by 5th Army Commander General Truscott after the war. The newspaper in which the article appeared is unknown.

Post War Memorial

Photo of Mark Clark visiting post war Anzio military cemetery.

June 4, 1994

President Clinton - Anzio Beach: In a ceremony that includes survivors of the Italian campaign, President Clinton honors those who fell to liberate Rome.

March 2007

Article featuring Richard Neuman of Company B, 351st.  Summary of his time with the unit from his start in the US through combat in Italy. Veteran's Magazine is now defunct. This copy of the article was sent by Richard to the website admin.

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