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Lt. Col. Raymond Kendall, DSC

Distinguished Service Cross (DSC), 351st Infantry Regiment

Extraordinary Heroism Credited to Dead Colonel

WITH THE 5TH ARMY, ITALY, Sept. 9 (AP) -The Distinguished Service Cross has been awarded posthumously to Lt. Col. Raymond E. Kendall of Manchester, N. H.

Col. Kendall, serving with the 88th infantry division, was cited for extraordinary heroism in action in which he lost his life on May 12th, 1944, near Santa Maria Infante on the 5th Army front in Italy.

Finding a company disorganized and its commander missing, Kendall immediately took charge and led a platoon in an attack against German machineguns, neutralizing the enemy weapons.

Under heavy artillery and mortar fire, he led the company to attack the next objective and received murderous crossfire from Nazi machineguns.

Leading a squad on a frontal assault of a building, Kendall was severely wounded but he continued to advance and while in the act of tossing a grenade among the Germans was mortally wounded by a burst of machinegun fire.


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