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The search box is linked to a database constructed primarily from lists of casualties and awards found in the endnotes of Delaney's "The Blue Devils in Italy." As more sources of rosters and names are uncovered, they will be added to the database. Keep in mind that spellings may be incorrect. Therefore, you may wish to search for partial portions of the last name to bring back the most matches. 


Because there is no single source for rosters of the 351st, you may not find the name you are looking for in this database. That doesn't mean someone wasn't in the unit. Instead, it just means they are not in the sources uncovered up to this point.

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Legend: Casualty - Listed in 351st Casualty Section of endnotes; PH - Purple Heart; BSM - Bronze Star Medal; SS - Silver Star; DSC - Distinguished Service Cross; DSM - Distinguished Service Medal; LM - Legion of Merit; * - Oak Leaf Cluster




Reports were submitted by the 351st Regiment on a monthly basis, providing a summary of movement, locations, enemy engagements, and notable achievements.


The reports have been converted to text and are available individually by clicking on a month in the table. ​They can be lengthy and, therefore, might be best viewed on devices with larger screens.

General Locations
January 1944
Camp Patrick Henry, Hampton Roads, Oran, Magenta
February 1944
Oran, Piedmonte d'Alife, Faicchio, San Michele
March 1944
Faicchio, Carinola, Castleforte, Minturno, Tufo, Pulcherini, Santa Maria Infante
April 1944
Minturno, Tufo, Pulcherini, Reali Valley, Santa Maria Infante
May 1944
San Lorenzo, Carinola, Minturno, Tufo, Santa Maria, Pulcherini, Fondi, Priverno,
June 1944
Rocca Massima, Carchitta, San Cesareo, Colonna, Tor Sapienze, Rome, Lake Albano
July 1944
Palaia, Laiatico, P'Vio del Pratello, Partino, San Romano
August 1944
Tuscany, South of Florence
September 1944
Castel del Rio, Mount Gausteto, Mount Cappello
October 1944
Mount Capello, Carseggio, Mount Codronco, Sassotella, Gesso, Mount Delle Tombe, Vedriano, Sasso, Parr le Tombe
November 1944
Montecatini Terme, Ca di Bazzone, Casseta, La Maddelena, Savazza,
December 1944
Montecatini Terme, Poggio Scanno
January 1945
Mount Belmonte, Mount Delle Formiche, Livergnano, San Ansano
February 1945
Monghidoro, Livergnano, Predosa, La Guarda, Barchetta, Bibulano, Trassasso
March 1945
Loiano, Barberino
April 1945
Barberino, Pietramala, Lama, Mount Capra, Lagune, San Giovanni, Crevalcore, Caselle, Po River, Ostiglia, Verona, Zevio, Vicenza, Marostica Bassano, Borgo
May 1945
Borgo, Trento, Levico, Lake Garda, Ghedi, Salo
June 1945
Borgo, Trento, Rovereto, Riva, San Christoforo, Ghedi




The general locations of the 351st noted within the Monthly Operations Reports are marked in this Google Map. Click the arrow at the top left of the map to open a window that shows each of the three major campaigns. They are represented by separate color codes (Rome-Arno=green, North Apennines=light blue, Po Valley=dark blue).


Clicking a location opens a window with the location name and description. The map can be opened in full-size view by clicking the [  ] symbol in the upper right corner. 

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