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Medal of Honor Recipients

The 88th Infantry Division has three recipients of the Medal of Honor from it's history in WW II. They are listed here with links to additional information about the individuals and the actions sited in their awards.

Contrary to popular belief the official title of the highest U.S. military distinction is indeed “Medal of Honor,” not “Congressional Medal of Honor.” The confusion may be because the president presents the award “in the name of Congress.” There is also the “Congressional Medal of Honor Society,” which represents recipients of the Medal of Honor, and was formed through an act of congress.

The medal is highly prestigious, and, because of the need for accuracy, the recommendation process can take in excess of 18 months. There is intense scrutiny every step of the way. Some recipients are awarded many years after the action for which it was earned, such as with Sergeant Mendoza of the 88th.

Charles W. Shea

Rank: Staff Sergeant

Unit: Company F, 350th

Action Date: May 12, 1944

Action Place: Mt. Damiano

Presented: Dec. 1, 1944 at Montecatini by Lt. Gen. Mark Clark.

Robert E. Roeder

Rank: Captain

Unit: Company G, 350th

Action Date: Sept. 27-28, 1944

Action Place: Mt. Battaglia

Presented: Posthumously May 13, 1945 by Maj. Gen. Philip Hayes to his mother.

Manuel V. Mendoza

Rank: Staff Sergeant

Unit: Company B, 350th

Action Date: Oct. 4, 1944

Action Place: Mt. Battaglia

Presented: Posthumously March 18, 2014 by President Obama to daughter.


Cover Photo Caption (courtesy of the Charbonnet family) - "Lt. Shea decorating the Company guidon with the Presidential Battle Streamer. Capt. Charbonnet to the left and Col. Young to the right."

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