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Staff Sgt. Delvin V. Sample, DSC

Distinguished Service Cross (DSC), 351st Infantry Regiment

Distinguished Service Cross Given Sgt. Sample

Staff Sgt. Delvin V. Sample, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sample, have been awarded a distinguished service cross for extraordinary heroism in action, according to a citation received by his parents.

Sgt. Sample was seriously wounded in action in Italy on Oct. 21, and had been previously wounded in action in Italy on May 12 of last year, for which he was awarded the Purple Heart award. He also holds the combat infantry badge for participation in battle with the enemy on the Fifth army front in Italy and the good conduct medal.

His brother, Pfc. Richard Sample, is also in active fighting on the Italian front.

The latest citation from Mark W. Clark, Lieut. Gen., U. S. Army, reads:

"Delvin V. Sample, staff sergeant, infantry, United States army. For extraordinary heroism in action on 21 October 1944, near Mount Grande, Italy. Staff Sergeant Sample led his men in assaulting a group of enemy-occupied houses situated on a steep and rocky hill.

"Approaching objective, he placed one squad in position to provide covering fire and then aggressively led his remaining two squads across an open field to a point within 75 yards of the first house. At this point, he and his men were subjected to an intense enemy crossfire from machine guns situated in haystacks. Rushing forward fearlessly, Staff Sgt. Sample tossed a grenade to one haystack, killing one enemy gunner and wounding two others.

"Disregarding a painful wound incurred during this action, Staff Sgt. Sample rushed toward the officer and killed him with one shot. At this time he was wounded again, but his fearless actions had distracted the attention of the enemy and enabled his men to seize the house, capturing 28 prisoners.

"Although unable to move, Staff Sgt. Sample supervised the reorganization of the platoon and the establishment of a defensive position, and later directed his men in repulsing a counter-attack until he finally collapsed.

"His heroism in battle was an inspiration to his men and exemplifies the fighting traditions of the American infantryman."


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