Below are selected infantry narratives written to document lessons learned on the Italian front. They provide insight into the operations of an infantry regiment and a glimpse into the chaos of battle. Where possible, maps referenced in a document's text were added. Not all maps are included as they have not yet been located. For a complete list of narratives from all theaters of war, visit this link.

Excerpt from the book featuring the 351st and their first major engagement.

11-14 May, 1944 

in Clearing a Regimental Supply Route to Roccasecca

21-25 May, 1944

Gothic Line

August 1944 - April 1945

at Mount Battaglia

27 September - 1 October, 1944

at the Town of Belvedere

30 September - 2 October 1944

at Livergnano

10-13 October, 1944

in Taking Mt. Della Formiche

10-13 October, 1944

1-2 February 1945

at Furcoli, Northwest of Loiano

in Attack on Mancinello-Campiano Ridge

18-22 February, 1945

in the Breakthrough and Pursuit to the Po River

14-24 April, 1945

at Monterumici South of Bologna

15-18 April 1945

in the Po Valley Campaign

15 April - 2 May 1945

at Monterumici, Northwest of Anconella

17 April, 1945

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